About National Hearld Public School

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National Herald Public School is Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi and Affiliation No is 330637 upto Xth Class. National Herald Public School was established in the Year 2012 to upbring and upgrade the educational status in learning and in fields like Sport, Culture and literary activity. National Herald Public School under the banner of Tathagat education society to bring out well qualified teachers. The school has spacious building with all the required building with all the required infrastructure to conduct the school. The School is located in the lap of nature at S. S. Nagar, Gaya. The medium of instruction is English, Special care for fluency and accuracy (Spoken or written) in English language with due importance of Hindi, as a national language.
"Do not fly. Look not far means or failure. Join yourself to the perfectly unselfish will and work on . know that the mind which is born to mcceed joins itself to a determind will and perseverer........ Like in the midest of the battle of life. Any one can keep calm in the cave or when asleep. Stand in the tlie which and madness of action and reach the centre if you have found the centre you cannot be moved." Swami Vevekanand.

" You should establish yourself in virtue if you want to be success in life." Lord Buddha.

Aims & Objective

1. To promote the total development of the person as to be fully human, fully Indian and truly modern.

2. To enable our students to be open to continuous and comprehensive growth, to be intellectually competent, religious, loving and committed to faith and justice.

3. To be sensitive to national unity and integration.

4. To inculcate human values of love, compassion, forgiveness, service, cooperation, tolerance and sacrifice among students.

5. To inspire students to take keen interest in co-curricular activities and actively involve them selves in social service so that they could imbibe leadership quality and contribute to social change and development.

6. To promote power of eloquence among our students so that they could communicate their thoughts, ideas and vision effectively.

7. Finally, our school aims at making its own contribution towards a radical transformation of the present day social conditions, so that the principles of social justice, equality of opportunity, genuine freedom and respect for religions and moral values enshrined in the constitution of India may prevail and the possibility of living a fully human existence may open to all.

More specifically we aim :

To develop in the student an attitude of openness to growth and to enable him/her to begin to take responsibility for his/her own growth.

To prepare the student to be intellectually competent to promote the development of the intellectual skills, understanding, and mastery of the academic requirements necessary for advanced forms of education and for life.

To help the student become mature religiously to help to know the major doctrines and practices of his/her own religion and to learn to examine critically his/her own religious feelings and beliefs.

To help the student to become a loving person, to assist him/her to establish his/her own identity and in his/her movement beyond self-centeredness towards more significant relationship with others.

To foster in the student a commitment to doing justice; to help him/her develop as a person for others and to prepare him/her to take his/her place as a competent, concerned, and responsible member of society.